Gerardo Aldana

Professor of Chicana/o Studies
Director of Repository for Archaeological and Ethnographic Collections

1710 South Hall
Mayan hieroglyphic history, Mesoamerican art, indigeneity, experimental archaeology, science & technology studies.

Mary Bucholtz

Professor of Linguistics

Social identities and cultural practices as brought into being through linguistic interaction

Susan Cassels

Associate Professor of Geography

5710 Ellison Hall
Geographic mobility, sexual health and HIV prevention.

Veronica Castillo-Muñoz

Associate Professor of History
CSI Advisory Committee Member

HSSB 4238
Interested in analyzing the intersections of race, gender, regional, and transnational migration in the Mexico-U.S. borderlands.

Alison Cerezo

Assistant Professor of Education

GGSE Education 2137
Associations between trauma, social stress, mental health and substance use for diverse LGBTQ+ communities.

Micaela Díaz-Sánchez

Assistant Professor of Chicana/o Studies

1704 South Hall
Chicana/o and Latina/o Performance Studies, Visual Culture and Cultural Studies, Afro-Latina/o Diaspora Studies, Chicana/Latina Feminisms, Chicana/o and Latina/o Theater History and Ethnomusicology, Dramaturgy, Acting Methodology

Erick Felix

Graduate Student in Education

Immigration, family support, protective factors, resilience, and social justice with an emphasis on Latinx communities.

San Juanita Garcia

Assistant Professor of Chicana/o Studies

1708 South Hall
Immigration; Latinx Sociology; Intersectionality; Medical Sociology; Sociology of Mental Health; Aging; Social Determinants of Health

Amy Gonzales

Associate Professor in Communication
CSI Associate Director

Effects of social interaction via communication technologies on individual identity, social support and well being.

Toni Gonzalez

Graduate Student in Archaeology

Ritual, Landscape Utilization/Interaction, Sacred geography, Iconography, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), Ethnoecology, Subterranean archaeology

Aida Hurtado

Professor of Chicana/o Studies
Luis Leal Endowed Chair
CSI Advisory Committee Member

1709 South Hall
Equity issues in education for Chicanas/os, Chicana feminist theory, media representations of Latinos & other ethnic & racial groups, social identity, including ethnic identity

Luke Janes

Graduate Student in Education

Trauma and resilience, culturally responsive measurement, and psychological group work.

Jennifer Kam

Professor of Communication

SSMS 4407
Research examines factors that protect immigrant youth against adverse mental health outcomes, poor academic performance, and alcohol and other substance use, particularly when faced with stressors.

Danny Katz

Graduate Student in Education

The role that language plays in conceptualizing measurement in education and psychology, studying philosophy to help clarify research aims and claims, and psychometric models, broadly.

Jin Sook Lee

Professor of Education

3131 Education
Bilingualism; Heritage language maintenance; ESL; Second/foreign language acquisition and education; Multicultural education

Dana Mastro

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel
Professor of Communication
Chair, CSI Advisory Committee

SSMS 4413
Media Psychology; Media Effects on Stereotyping, Identity, & Race/Ethnicity; Intergroup Communication; Content Analysis

Andrew Maul

Associate Professor of Education

The conceptual foundations of research methodology in the human sciences, and in particular on the theory and practice of measurement.

Monique Meunier

Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance

Theater Dance West 2512
Miss Meunier has staged Balanchine ballets for the Balanchine Trust and has served as rehearsal director for Karole Armitage.

Amaranta Ramirez

Graduate Student in Education

Promoting mental health via social media platforms for underserved communities.

Sean Reid

Graduate Student in Education

Urban dynamics, human mobility, machine learning and nature-society interactions.

Ana Romero Morales

Graduate Student in Education

Currently conducting research on how immigration status impacts the relationship between Mexican/Mexican American undocumented and U.S. citizen siblings.

Laura Romo

Professor of Education

GGSE Education 3133
Impact of the Latina mother-daughter relationship on adolescent well-being. Topics include how mother-daughter communication is associated with their dating and sexual behaviors, body image, academic achievement and aspirations. 

Daina Sanchez

Assistant Professor of Chicana/o Studies

1707 South Hall
Transnational Migration and Children of Immigrants; Identity and Community Formation; Oaxaca, Los Angeles