Critical Race Studies in Education

Currently, topics of Critical Education in schools are highly contested in public discourse with sensationalized opinions that seek to ban books, erase/rewrite US history, terminate ethnic studies programs, and outlaw critical conversations in K-12 education all together. As such, it is imperative to highlight, support, and uplift scholars and educational programs dedicated to bringing a critical lens to all levels of the educational system. This group will conduct weekly gatherings to discuss their own research, writing, and teaching on the topic and to work collectively to think about the ways Critical Race Studies in education can speak back to the many voices in and outside academia. 



Assistant Professor of Education
Professor, Researcher, Consultant, & Scholar-Activist interested in Educational equity.
Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Assistant Professor. Professor, CCSP Graduate Advisor, International Center for School Based Youth Development Director
Assistant Professor
CBSR Affiliated Faculty; Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Research on education reform, race, and capitalism.
Associate Director for EXITO
Associate Director/Professor: ÉXITO Program. PhD in Chicana and Chicano Studies
Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary scholar and assistant professor at UCSB's Department of Chicana/o Studies.