Undergraduate Research Fellows

At UC Santa Barbara, the CSI Undergraduate Research Fellows program provides an exceptional opportunity for students to delve into groundbreaking research and creative pursuits spanning various disciplines while receiving course credit. By establishing connections with faculty mentors from across campus, undergrad fellows have the chance to get hands-on experience conducting research while also building meaningful mentor-mentee relationships. 

Through the CSI Research Fellows program, undergraduate students will enroll in 99/199 RA units and will be paired with faculty and graduate student researchers committed to training and mentoring Latina/o/e students. Many of these research projects center life in Latina/o/e communities, though in other cases, faculty train students to conduct research on a range of topics from disciplines across campus, including social sciences, physical and life sciences, humanities, and fine arts.

Our program provides comprehensive support for students navigating the research assistant (RA) experience at UCSB. We offer guidance on finding RA opportunities, basic training for success, and recognition through awards for student excellence. Through strategic networking opportunities, students can forge connections with influential researchers and collaborate on esteemed research projects. Additionally, our end-of-year networking event celebrates student achievements and fosters mentorship and collaboration between faculty and students.

Apply Here

Applicants accepted on a rolling basis during each academic year beginning in 2024-2025. After applying, someone will contact you within two weeks. For more information, contact