Azalea Corral

Student Intern

UCSB ARC Scholar working on "How secure is our voting technology?" at the CSI.

Sandra Cruz

CSI + 805 Undocufund Intern

"During the virtual interviews, I saw how hopeful and thankful the applicants were about being one step closer to receiving much needed help, which made me feel like my help was making a difference in my own community." 

Abril Jimenez

Student Intern

CSI Student Intern working on "How secure is our voting technology?"

Nicole Olmedo

CSI + 805 Undocufund Intern

"805 Undocufund has taught me so much and given me an opportunity to grow as both a Spanish speaker and as a human being."

Angela Reyes

CSI + 805 Undocufund Intern

"Volunteering with 805 UndocuFund has been a grand eye-opening experience."

Ayrton Rojas

Research & Media Intern

Highly motivated college student focused on using experience and knowledge of communication, leadership and interpersonal skills to creat

Carina Yosaira Zamora Luna

CSI + 805 Undocufund Intern

"As the daughter of two immigrant parents and having been undocumented myself truly allowed me to empathize with applicants and feel their worries."