Latinx Resilience and the Need for Culturally Sensitive Measurement of Psychological Properties

In the face of sustained social inequity in the distribution of hardships and social services for the Latinx community, the study of resilience holds the promise to understand and support the thriving of Latinx individuals and communities. Yet resilience itself is largely undefined, poorly understood, varyingly measured, and culturally blind. The Latinx Resilience Cluster grew out of a desire to establish a Latinx-centered conceptualization and measurement of resilience in order to support the resilience of the Latinx community. Initial mixed-method attempts to establish a Latinx-centered understanding and measurement of resilience led to difficulties and contradictions that exposed the limitations of current “best practices” in culturally sensitive research.


Associate Professor of Education
The conceptual foundations of research methodology in the human sciences, and in particular on the theory and practice of measurement.
Graduate Student in Education
Immigration, family support, protective factors, resilience, and social justice with an emphasis on Latinx communities.
Graduate Student in Education
Trauma and resilience, culturally responsive measurement, and psychological group work.
Graduate Student in Education
The role that language plays in conceptualizing measurement in education and psychology, studying philosophy to help clarify research aims and claims, and psychometric models, broadly.