2023 Events

We are honored to be hosting a group of 11 faculty members whose work was central to the creation of the discipline of Chicana and Chicano/x Studies.

Join us on October 11th from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM for a captivating glimpse into UCSB's groundbreaking HSI Grant research presentations. Embrace inclusion, spark inspiration, and mark your calendars.

Join us on October 4th at 12 PM for an exclusive peek into the world of UC President's Fellowship and UCSB Chancellor's Fellowship programs. Unleash your potential, seize opportunities, and transform your future. 

Join the community as we celebrate Latinx graduates’ accomplishments on June 17th at Harder Stadium.

A one-day outreach event hosted by El Congreso de UCSB that takes place on the UCSB campus, inviting middle school, high school and community college students in the tri-county area to attend.

In this workshop graduate students will learn about the significance of a digital scholarly profile. Questions such as- do you really need your own website? what do you include? should i really watch what I say on social media?- will be answered.


Beth Mitchneck, Professor Emerita of Geography and former NSF Program Director, will present strategies for collaboration and co-authorship.

In this workshop, Professor Inés Casillas will show you how to effectively use bullet journaling techniques.