2023 Events

Join the community as we celebrate Latinx graduates’ accomplishments on June 17th at Harder Stadium.

A one-day outreach event hosted by El Congreso de UCSB that takes place on the UCSB campus, inviting middle school, high school and community college students in the tri-county area to attend.

In this workshop graduate students will learn about the significance of a digital scholarly profile. Questions such as- do you really need your own website? what do you include? should i really watch what I say on social media?- will be answered.


Editors from the University of California Press will conduct a workshop on the book publication process and writing a book proposal. 

Beth Mitchneck, Professor Emerita of Geography and former NSF Program Director, will present strategies for collaboration and co-authorship.

In this workshop, Professor Inés Casillas will show you how to effectively use bullet journaling techniques.