2020 Events

Weaving together Indigenous D(L)akota Astronomy & NASA science this work offers insights from both world-views. 
“Etuaptumumk” as described by Mi’kmaw elders: "Two-Eyed Seeing is learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, and from the other eye with the strengths of Western knowledges and ways of knowing, and to use both these eyes for the benefit of all."  (Bartlett, Marshall and Marshall 2012, 336)

All are welcomed to hear Dr. Barbara Walker, Director of Research Development, share the essential basics of proposal writing for those in the humanities and social sciences. Early career scholars will receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Walker’s recently published co-authored book. 

Please register at: https://bit.ly/3g04jrS

CSI Advisory Committee Meeting - December 4, 2020.

Monthly meeting for the Advisory Committee

The goal of this Black student-centered Town Hall is to provide a space to discuss and analyze the ongoing persistence of black genocide and how it shapes student experiences.

CSI Interim Director Gerardo Aldana and CBSR Director Sharon Tettegah will discuss faculty research productivity at UCSB and strategies to enhance yours through campus resources.