• Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Validation of the Social Emotional Health Survey for use With Latina/o College Students

Funding Source:  Chicano Studies Institute
Principal Investigator: Dr. Karen Nylund-Gibson, Associate Professor Education

The Social Emotional Health Survey (SEHS) is a well-studied and validated measure of social emotional strengths in students. There has been extensive work done to validate the use of this measure for different age groups and populations including late elementary, middle and high school across different race, gender, and SES sub-populations.  Preliminary work has been done to extend the measure to be used in college populations, though in the initial stages of this work.  The purpose of this project is to conduct cognitive interviews with Latina/o college students (4-year and community college) with the aim of understanding strengths measured by the current version of the SEHS, higher education version, are reflective of the experiences of Latina/o college students.  The goal is to interview students about the current items, and based on the results modify the items to ensure that they are relevant and representative of all college students.